Peter Pinski

This is a review for both Maths A and Maths B together.

The topics in this course are – very surprisingly – selected to fit the demands of the physical sciences in some way or the other. Hence for the Phys NatScis there is little choice at this point. However, there are also some Bio NatScis taking this option, and particularly for those interested in maths and the physical sciences it might be worth a consideration.

There is still the choice between the A and B courses. The exam papers for the two are the same, so if you fancy a challenge, are prepared to put in the extra work and stay on top of it you are not at a disadvantage from choosing Maths B. However, it proceeds at quite a fast pace, so if you are facing trouble with it you should rather stick to A and spend more time understanding the ideas which you actually need for the exams. Switching between the two courses is not much of an issue and many people do so, especially in the first few weeks.