Isabel Gibson

I think for a lot of Bio Natscis at Catz, there is often the decision of whether to take Chemistry or E&B. I took Chemistry and enjoyed it, although as a Bio NatSci I felt I struggled a lot more that the Phys NatScis (although this is not always the case, a lot of us Bio NatScis found this to be true). It gives you a break from essay writing and is useful for some 1B modules such as Biochemistry. I also knew a few people who realised biology wasn’t for them and were really thankful they took Chemistry. However, personally I don’t feel that Chemistry has helped me with my 1B choices (Physiology, Neuro and Animal Biology), whereas E&B seems to be very useful for Animal Biology at least. Therefore, it’s worth weighing up what you think you might be interested in 1B before, if like me, you have to make this decision.