Pete Bullock

Like a lot of the fresher geologists, I only took the option as a ‘fourth choice’ to go alongside the familiar Chemistry, Physics and Maths, not wanting to do the mind-numbingly tedious (or so I’d heard) Materials Science, or the niche CompSci option, or any girly Biology options.

However, Geology was probably my favourite course in the first year. It is true that the more you look at rocks, the more you like looking at rocks. Having known nothing about them save a vague concept of the words ‘granite,’ ‘basalt’ and ‘igneous’, I now find rocks genuinely interesting, despite the fact that I no longer study them. You might think this is just because I am weird, and although that may be true, you may or may not be surprised to learn just how many weird people there are in Cambridge, as most of the people who chose 1A Geology would say they found the same thing.

No prior experience necessary, open to all whether of Biological or Physical leanings, highly recommended.

PS: I haven’t even mentioned the Arran field trip, which is just amazing. I’m all for heavily subsidised trips to Scotland…