Georgie Ward

This is a great course to take for anyone who enjoyed E&B in their first year or who intends on taking Zoology in Part 2. Although I did not take E&B in Part 1A and the course is designed that you should not be at a disadvantage, there were times where I could tell that the E&B-ers had already covered certain areas and seemed to understand things better.

Beginning with animal behaviour, it can at times feel like a lot of examples to learn however a lot of the topics are covered again over the year in later part of the course. An extensive section on insects is followed by vertebrate evolution and evolutionary principles in your final term which is quite formula based. There are practicals every other week and these normally do not take the full time allotted. They were my favourite practicals that I have done since coming to Cambridge – from experiments with fish to dissections and discussions.

The supervisor for this course is from outside of college, she is extremely nice and great with explaining things and giving you extra examples. The only down-side is that she does not know much about how to answer questions in the final exam (although I do not feel this was her fault – rather a lack of communication between examiners and supervisors).